Yes, we are still open! 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to our practice. Rest assured, we are still seeing our existing patients and we are taking new bookings as well. 

Can I still come in to see the neurologist in person?

Yes, you can come in to the rooms at Surrey Hills with a family member or a carer. We prefer face to face consultations in our rooms, rather than video consultations, however we leave this decision to our patients and we are more than happy to accommodate their preference.  

Will I be safe coming to the rooms?

We have made many changes at Canterbury Neurology to minimise risk of COVID-19 transmission to or from our patients. 

  • Limited numbers in waiting room

Canterbury Neurology is a practice with one neurologist, and our current patients know that it is rare to see more than one other patient in our waiting room. We continue to space out patient appointments and ensure that Dr Richard Blazé commences and concludes his consultations according to the daily schedule.  We offer patients the option to wait in their car or to sit outside the front door (Melbourne weather permitting!) if they prefer to do so.

  • Extra cleaning

We wipe all surfaces that may have come in contact with our staff or patients, using a 75% ethanol solution. We do this prior to every consultation.

waiting room.jpg
  • Use of masks and gloves

Dr Richard Blazé will wear a mask during any physical examination and we also have gloves and masks for our patients and carers to wear if they wish to do so. 

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  • Hygeinic bathroom 

Single use hand towels are provided in the bathroom. These are washed daily and tumble dried in high heat. We have both liquid soap and hand sanitiser for patients and carers to use.    

  • Touchless payment

At the conclusion of their consultation, patients can make payment with a credit card without touching an EFTPOS machine or entering a PIN.

Can I change my appointment to a video call instead? 

Yes you can, no problem! You will be able to keep the same appointment date and time. 

How does a video consultation work?

We like to use 'Zoom' which is accessible from a computer, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. Our administration staff are very patient and will guide you through the setup of these meetings which are quite straightforward, even for those of us who are not very good with technology! If patients are more familiar with another means of video communication and would prefer to use the technology they are comfortable using, we can consider this too. 

Will this change how much I have to pay?

If you switch to a video consultation, this will not affect your out of pocket cost. The government has made some changes to the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and these changes might translate to an overall increase or decrease in the amount you pay on the day. However, at Canterbury Neurology, we have tried to make things straightforward for our patients by keeping out of pocket costs exactly the same. Just as usual, we will process any applicable Medicare claim at the time of payment so that you will receive your claim rebate swiftly, usually within 24 to 48 hours. 

Can I drive to my appointment without receiving a fine?

You needn't be concerned about 'doing the wrong thing' by travelling in your car to your medical appointment. It's perfectly legal! Please refer to the legislation published in early July by clicking here.